Ash Scattering Colorado – Aerial Ash Scattering


ASC performs aerial ash scattering all around Colorado from a highly capable Cessna 182 that can handle the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains. We have engineered a one of a kind custom scattering device that mounts to the outside of the airplane. This device was designed for safety and efficiency. With this design there is no chance of the ashes blowing back into the cockpit. If you research aerial ash scattering you will find many stories about the ashes blowing back into the cockpit, which can be disastrous! The device is operated by the pilot with 2 simple actions. The release is extremely efficient and beautiful to watch. Please take a look at the videos on the website. A GoPro camera can be installed on the outside of the aircraft in many different locations to capture the release. A still image of the release can also be captured.   Please call us at 303-550-2946 for more information.


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