Celebrate and honor the life of your loved one through the compassion and grace of aerial ash scattering.

Scattering the cremated remains of your loved one through aerial release grants closure in a meaningful way.  Ashes dispersed by aircraft float gently down to the earth to their final resting place with dignity and grace.

The purpose of Ash Scattering Colorado is to help in the bereavement process by creating a lasting memorial to loved ones through professionally scattering ashes from an airplane. This helps to bring closure and peace of mind to family and friends in an ecologically sound and affordable way.  Cremated remains float down gracefully and eventually return to the earth from which they came, “dust to dust”, creating a cycle that once again gives life. In an age where there is concern with conserving our natural resources, aerial ash scattering is a responsible and unmistakable choice.

Located at Centennial Airport (KAPA) just south of metro Denver, Colorado, we have the privilege of distributing ashes in and around the majestic Rocky Mountains. Whether across the mountains, a notable body of water or open field, or an enchanting forest, we will perform all scatterings in a dignified manner with compassion and respect. While our base is in Colorado, we are not limited and are open to fly nationally to the special place that holds significance to you and your loved one.

Why Choose Us?

The mission of Ash Scattering Colorado is to assist you through your grieving process by helping you fulfill the wishes of your loved one by flying their remains to their final resting place in an ecologically sound and affordable way.
The philosophy of Ash Scattering Colorado is simple:
Respect the deceased….Respect the grieving….Respect the Earth.
The promise of Ash Scattering Colorado is that the aerial disbursement of your loved ones remains will be carried out in such a way that honors them in death and brings peace of mind to you and your family.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for being there for all of us. I know Bruce loved the final flight. You did a wonderful job. Being able to see the scattering close up and make one final pass where he was released was all the more special for us all. Thanks, again.”
I have everything you promised. The still photos and video are very good. Thank you very much. You did a very good job and I believe Carol’s ashes are in a very beautiful place.
Best wishes, B.W.
My father passed away about eight years ago. I held on to his ashes since then because I couldn’t find the proper place and method to spread them that would honor his memory. My son-in-law introduced me to Mitch and we talked about the opportunity to disperse the ashes airborne over the Front Range. Colorado was my father’s favorite place on Earth and I know he would have loved the idea that his remains would become part of the area forever. Mitch did an amazing job working with me and my family. He was very professional and understanding throughout the entire process. The time and location of the dispersal was of our choosing. The opportunity to ride along with Mitch and watch the ashes leave his aircraft was amazing. The final video was very well done and will always be a nice memory of the event. I cannot thank Mitch enough for making this happen.
David P.

“As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.”

– Leonardo DaVinci